Sustainable Agriculture Investments & Livellhoods Project (SAIL)

HOT information

HOT information

Ministry of Agriculture & Land Reclamation (MALR)

Sustainable Agriculture Investments & Livelihoods Project (SAIL)

One of the funded projects of the international fund of Agriculture Development (IFAD)

Intends to implement Base Line Assessment for its activates in the served areas in kafr Al Shiekh (Motobus Area), Menya & Bani swef (Westfashen – Samalout)

And Aswan (Wadi Nuqra – Wadi Saaida)

SAIL project invites eligible entitles interested in providing this assignment to provide detailed information indicating that they are qualified to perform the assignment and may obtain further information at the address below

Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below by 28/11/2016

34 km. Alexandria/ Cairo desert road – Amerya, Alexandria


Tel: 03458302 / 034584302 – Fax: 034584405

عن جريدة الجمهورية

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