HOT Information

HOT Information

دائرة الصحة

Department Of Health

Public Tender

The Department of Health invites interested bidders to participate in the following tender:

Tender No.: Re-01/DoH/PT/2021

Tender Subject: Providing Logistic Services for International Patient Care.

Bid Issue date: April 4th 2021

Bid closing date: May 2nd 2021

Bid Bond AED: N/A

Tender’s Conditions:

– The scope of work can be viewed on “Tenders” page on Department of Health website:

– Participation is open to all legal and specialized companies in the tender field.

– If a bid bond is required as per the above table, a copy of the unconditional tender letter issued by a local bank shall be attached with the offer

And shall be valid for 120 days from the date of submission of the offer and may be extended if necessary.

All Participants must submit the original bond within 3 business days of submitting the offer.

– All technical and contractual inquires related to the tenders shall be sent to:

– Participants in the tender must adhere to the application of the conditions and specifications mentioned in the tender documents.

– This Declaration is an integral part of the Tender Terms and Conditions.

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