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Arab Republic of Egypt

Sustainable Agriculture Investments & livelihoods (SAIL)

Sustainable Agriculture Investments & livelihoods (SAIL)

IFAD Loan No.: 2000000711 IFAD GRANT OF SDR No:2000000712

IFAD ASAPGRANT OF SDR No.: 2000000710 GEF GRANT No: 2000001279

Assignment Title: Consulting Firm to work as ‘Third Party Inspection Cornpany (TPIC) for Agricultural

Machineries before Shipment.

Reference No. IFAD/EG/SAIL/2020/C074 .

The Arab Republic of Egypt has received financing from the International Fund for:

Agricultural Development (IFAD) towards the cost of the activities to be

 developed under the SAIL Project and intends

to apply part of the proceeds for the recruitment of consulting services.

 The use of any IFAD financing shall be subject to

IFAD’s approval, pursuant to the terms and conditions of the financing agreement,

 as well as IFAD’s rules, policies and

procedures. IPAD and its omcials,

 agents and employees shall be held harmless from and against all suits,


claims, demands, losses and liability of any kind or nature brought by any party in

connection with SAIL Project.

The consulting services (“the services”)

 include inspection and testing of agricultural machineries at the manufacturer

warehouse located in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China before shipment to Egypt.

‘Ihe expected duration of the assignmen is

220 man-hours over a total duration of the contract of six months.

The SAIL Project (“the client”) now invites eligible consulting firms (“consultants”) to indicate their interest in providingthe services. Interested consultants should provide information /documents demonstrating that they are holding ISO17000 or equivalent QMS certification issued by internationally recognized body and have the required qualificationsdescribed below and relevant experience to perform the services.The attention of interested consultants is drawn to IFADs Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Ter-rorism Policy and the Revised IFAD Policy on Preventing Fraud and Corruption in its Activities and Operations2. ‘Ibe latter sets forth IFAD’s provisions on prohibited practices. latter sets forth IFAD’s provisions on prohibited practices. IFAD further strives to ensure a safe working environment free of harassment. Including sexual harassmentand free of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) in its activities and operationsas detailed in its IFA D Policy to Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment, Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.The consultant shall not have any actual, potential or reasonably perceived conflict of interest.A consultant with an actual, potential or reasonably perceived conflict of interest shall be disqualified unless otherwiseexplicitly approved by the Fund. A consultant including their respective personnel and affiliates are considered to havea conflict of interest if they a) have a relationship that provides them with undue or undisclosed information aboutor influence over the selection process and the execution of the contract, b) participate in more than one EOI underthis procurement action, c) have a business or family relationship with a member of the Purchaser’s board of directorsor its personnel, the Fund or its personnel, or any other individual that was, has been or might reasonably be directlyor indirectly involved in any part of (i) the preparation of this REOI, (ii) the shortlisting or selection process for thisprocurement, or (iii) execution of the contract. The consultant has an ongoing obligation to disclose any situation ofactual, potential or reasonably perceived conflict of interest during preparation of the EOI, the selection process or thecontract execution. Failure to properly disclose any of said situations may lead to appropriate actions, including thedisqualification of the consultant, the termination of the contract and any other as appropriate under the IFAD Policyon Preventing Fraud and Corruption in its Projects and Operations.A consultant will be selected in accordance with the least cost selection (LCS) method set out inIFAD’ project procurement handbook 2021 that can be accessed via the IFAD website ath ttp s:// m ent-detail/a sset/ 39501121The Consultant is required to be holding ISO 17000 or equivalent QMS certification issued by internationally recognized body. Theshortlisting criteria are:General experience: Firm has been in existence for at least 10 yearsTechnical and managerial capacity of the firm- Companies should provide information /documentation that demonstrate the capacity of the Firm in terms of staffing: the number of staff per specialization. Average annual turn-over for the last 3 years not less 500000 dollars orEquivalent in EGP according to the central bank of Egypt at the day of submitting the EOI.Experience in inspection and testing ofagricultural machinery as an independent third party not less than 3 Years. the Company musthave an office in the city from which the goods will be shipped.Consultants may associate with other firms in the form Of a joint venture or a sub-consultancy toenhance their qualifications.Any request for clarification on this REOI should be sent via e-mail to the address below no later than May 4, 2021 at12:00 pm (Cairo Local Time). “Ille client will provide responses to all clarification requests by May 10, 2021 at 12:00 pm(Cairo Local Time)eie;hoÖe.JOÖ2å3Å554302 •002034584303v•Electronicmail address:

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